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The video shootings continue on the project territories

One of the actions of the project aims to raise awareness of the issues related to ecological connectivity and to do this, what better way than through explanatory videos. Five videos are currently being produced:

  1. one is dedicated to the connectivity and ecological quality of natural forest and river environments and the CERES project,

  2. a second video will focus on how these connectivity issues are part of the dynamics of landscapes.

  3. The third and fourth videos focus on the importance of forest and riparian environments in the ecological connectivity.

  4. The fifth video will focus on the use of bioindicators that we have already discussed in several posts on this blog: insects, bats, birds, etc., whose "behaviour" can be studied to assess the quality and modification of environments.

To do this, the CHA PRODUCTION team accompanies us in the field:

In June 2021 we went to Catalonia in the Natural Park Capçeleres del Ter i del Freser to visit the work realized by the CREAF, the CTFC in collaboration with the Park teams. The bioindicator species in favor of which the work has been carried out is the Capercaillie: the populations found in the territory of the Park are among the most southern in Europe.

In July 2021, we went to Charentes in New Aquitaine to see the actions carried out on private forests in favor of the connectivity of the habitats of the European mink: maintenance of the forest cover, creation of cordon of branches to facilitate the movements of the species in particular... the works were carried out by the Cooperative Alliance Forêt Bois with a control of work by CRPF New Aquitaine.

In October, it was the turn of our Portuguese colleagues to welcome the film crew to show the research work that has been carried out in the North East of Lisbon along the Sorraia River.

Finally, at the end of November, the work carried out in favor of the brown bear habitats in Castilla y León was filmed.

Soon the last shootings will be done before entering the editing phase for broadcasting the videos at the beginning of 2022.

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