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The CERES project in the 15th European Ecological Federation congress

The CERES project was presented during the 15th European Ecological Federation congress which took place in Lisbon from 29 July to 2 August 2019.

An abstract has been published in the Book of Abstracts (abstract book available at: and André Fonseca from the partner ISA presented the poster of the work realized.

Fonseca A, Fernandes MR, Duarte G, Zina V, Branco M, Ferreira MT, Chauvin S, Vayreda J, Vinet O, Bertrand P, Atauri Mezquida JA, Camprodon J, Brin A, Gallego R, Righi J. 2019. Forest and riparian landscape connectivity at SUDOE space – The project CERES. Book of Abstracts, 15th European Ecological Federation Congress and 18th National SPECO Meeting. Ecology across borders. Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals, 29 July to -2 August, Lisbon, Portugal, pp.238.

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