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We prepare the field management action in New Aquitaine, Cherves-Richemont (south France)

As part of the forest property concerned by the project, the owner and the manager were planning to intervene in forest parcels located on the

banks of the Old River tributary of the Antenna. Before any intervention, the objectives related to the special character of the Natura 2000 site were recalled (reference to the Objective Document) and, in particular, to perpetuate and encourage forest management adapted to the biological challenges inherent in spontaneous afforestation (in the case of the alder trees and ash trees, etc.) and the associated species (European Mink and Otter) by :

- Maintaining the flood-prone character of the valley,

- Maintaining good water quality to ensure the presence of a diverse aquatic microfauna,

- Maintaining homogeneous alluvial afforestation surfaces,

- The maintenance of a linear of alluvial alder trees and ash trees at the edge of watercourses,

- Maintaining old trees with cavities.

It is in this context that silvicultural choices have been chosen on this site, they allow to take into account the natural habitats present and the species present with a goal of preservation, including the creation of a refuge cordon, with wood and branching for the European Mink. They also maintain a travel corridor by maintaining a ripisylve line and adapt forestry work to the sensitivity of the natural environment: Oak enrichment and elimination of chemical treatments during maintenance.

To be noted upstream of these plots an agricultural activity in viticulture, hence the importance of preserving and maintain a wooded «barrier» between this activity and the creek.

In conclusion this project allows:

- maintain a ripisylve linear of 1280 m, - create a 200 m long “refuge” cordon for European Mink, - and to conserve 4 ha 80 woodland, while modifying planting maintenance practices.

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